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Who are we?


(right) I worked at Greater Louisville Inc. – The Metro Chamber of Commerce. I did some lobbying work in Kentucky and Indiana, managed much of our public policy and advocacy operations, and managed our strategic planning process. If you don’t know what I did, it means I did it well. I went to American University and double-majored in Latin American Studies and International Relations.


(left) I worked at the George M. Martin Company as a mechanical design engineer – I was the guy who made the machines that make cardboard boxes. You’re welcome, Pizza Hut. We only make special boxes – die cut boxes – and sometimes movie poster cut-outs.  I went to UC Berkeley and majored in mechanical engineering.

What are we doing?

Traveling overland from Louisville, Kentucky to Antarctica.

Are we hiking?

We’re actually not hiking – it would be difficult since it’s impossible (except for Jesus, who would walk across the water). What we’re doing is known as an overland journey – we’re going all the way from Louisville to Antarctica without taking a single flight. We’re starting here in Louisville and driving into Mexico and Central America. Joe painted his 2002 Dodge Intrepid to look like a shark (it was inspired by Left Shark from when Katy Perry performed at the Super Bowl). In Central America, we’ll be transition from car to bus and boat. We’ll be taking a boat around the Darien Gap – a 100-mile stretch of impassable, roadless terrain, full of drug smugglers, guerrillas, and West African refugees in search of a better life.  After arriving in Colombia, we will begin our descent through South America. In South America, we’ll be passing through Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina before we take our final ship from Tierra del Fuego (the end of the world) to Antarctica. There we will touch base, hug a penguin, pour a drink, and huddle up for warmth until we can get back on the boat and go home.