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As we say goodbye to the Shark Car (El Tiburon), we also say goodbye to 36 friends that helped us through the dozens of hours of driving over 7 weeks between Louisville, Kentucky and Guatemala City: our CDs. El Tiburon had a CD player but no tape deck, AV adapter, or radio adapter – CDs were all we had – and for scrounging in the days leading up to the trip, we didn’t do too bad.

All of the album covers below link to Amazon. Some are available streaming  through Prime while many are Amazon Unlimited only. Enjoy.

The Classics


The engine’s hot but we’re chill


Get Amped



Keep the Wheels Rolling



The Odd Balls



Louisville Talent

High Road – The Pass

Island Earth Records


Well, I’m Inspired.

This last one got us through the midwest. There is something soothing about Rick Pitino’s voice and something hilarious about hearing his pious pontificating considering all that has happened in the ensuing years. Highly recommend it for a listen. (Cliff Notes: “Wake up early!”)